Hey Winnipeg – summer’s over

It was an amazing summer but sadly, it’s over.  Snow in September is the exclamation mark to signal…winter’s coming.  Here’s a top five checklist to help you close out a most memorable Winnipeg summer:

  1. Close down the cottage, summer home, campsite.  Of course we will have some nice days before the deep freeze, but early signs indicate it may come sooner than later. The typical Thanksgiving weekend close out may have to moved up this year.
  2. Close out your pool and / or hot tub.  Time to winterize your outdoor pool.  Many residences keep their hot tubs running throughout the winter or a few more weeks into the season, but ost take advantage of the situation to shut it all down.  In winnipeg one of the best companies for pool and hot tub closings  is “Winnipeg Pool Guys Inc”
  3. Put away your outdoor living furniture, canopy and various outdoor fixtures
  4. After the leaves have buried your yard, clean out your gutters and get them ready for the spring rains.
  5.  Turn off your outdoor water supply