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Hey Winnipeg – winter’s coming

September 28, 2018 /

A September snowfall is “shot across the bow” that we may be in for a long tough winter.  Here is a top five list of things to consider before winter fury is upon us:

  1. Trim your trees and bushes and pull out the garden.  Fall is the best time to trim trees and bushes to prepare them for the spring season. Harvest whatever is left in the garden, pull out the plants, weed and prepare for spring planting.
  2. Protect your home from critters.  Fall is prime time for mice looking for a warm and comfortable place to spend the winter.  Your home will do just fine.  Mice have an amazing ability to collapse their bodies to go through very small entries.  Make sure your outside doors seal tight and any access holes are blocked.
  3. Do a wardrobe and bedding conversion. Put away the flip flops, shorts and summer apparel and pull out your boots, winter coat, sweatshirts, hats, gloves and whatever makes you comfortable in winter. Swap out your summer bedding for your cozy comforter and wool blankets.
  4. Simple exchange – summer tires for winter tires.  Don’t wait until the first blizzard.
  5. Finalize plans for your winter vacation.  You can be a winter fighter or get away to warmer climes for a short time or the entire winter if you prefer.  Don’t forget to have someone like check your property while you are away.


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