Phone: 204-771-0198


Basic Services

  • interior and exterior walk about surveillance
  • visual check for rodents, pests and insects
  • windows and doors for damage and security
  • weather damage; blockages, fallen trees, debris
  • environmental conditions; humidity, heat
  • check plumbing and hot water tank for leaks
  • inspect HVAC for basic operation; replace filters as required (homeowner supplied)
  • mail and newspaper collection; remove flyers
  • flush toilets; run water in sinks / showers / tubs
  • outside lighting
  • check appliances
  • check battery for smoke alarms
  • check electrical panel for “tripped” breakers
  • replace light bulbs (homeowner supplied)

Additional Services

Custom plan based on your needs

  • feed indoor pets
  • put out and retrieve garbage and recycling carts
  • water indoor plants
  • pool and hot tub maintenance
  • run dishwasher; garburator; washing machine
  • water lawn / outdoor garden
  • start / move vehicle
  • wait service for repair / maintenance
  • arrange and supervise service personnel on site
  • alarm response key holder
  • air out / refresh home prior to your return
  • turn on water prior to your return
  • reset thermostat prior to your return
  • restart newspapers
  • outdoor lawn and garden maintenance

Specialized Services

  • shop and restock fridge and other supplies as requested
  • fresh flowers prior to your return
  • airport drop off / pick up
  • supervise service personnel  and contractors
  • 24 hour alarm response
  • other personalized services as required and requested

Welcome Home $50.00

In advance of your arrival, we can refresh and prepare your home so you can enjoy the comfort of your own home from the moment you arrive.

  • “air out” the home
  • light dusting and basic cleaning
  • plug in all electrical items
  • turn on refrigerator and activate ice maker
  • adjust heat or A/C to homeowner preference
  • check clocks for correct time
  • turn on water supply and flush water lines through faucets and toilets
  • reactivate water heater
  • open drapes, curtains and blinds as requested

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