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Interior and exterior, on-site services

Winnipeg Home Check provides peace of mind while you’re away from home

Winnipeg Home Check is a home watch service that is available to residents of Winnipeg and the immediate surrounding area. We offer “on site” checking of your property and home to ensure you have “peace of mind” while you are away. When you are away on vacation, at the cottage, extended alternative living,  or away on business, we will ensure your home is inspected and checked so that you can return to the comfort of your home with no surprises.

Fulfill your Home Insurance Requirements

Winnipeg Home Check will fulfill your home insurance requirements. Although the frequency is variable, most Insurance companies require a regular “walk through” of the property while you are away. It is prudent to check with your insurance company to determine what their requirements are. We will establish a twice weekly, weekly, or customized property check program to make sure you are in compliance with your insurance company. A dated and time stamped log of each visit will be completed and available to the homeowner.

Custom Home Inspection Program and Services

Winnipeg Home Check will also customize an Inspection Plus program based on your requirements. This may include services such as feeding pets, watering plants, coordinating repair and service personnel, managing recycling and garbage containers, start or move vehicles, 24 hour Emergency Response for fire / police or alarm and specialized concierge services.

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Winnipeg Home Check is insured and bonded. Trust and Integrity are the basis of our business.

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