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Personal Privacy and Security

Your privacy will be respected at all times. Your alarm system will be reactivated when leaving the home. All keys and alarm codes will be identified by unique coding protecting your name and property address. Keys and alarm codes will be retained in a secure place

Payments and Rates

A pricing schedule will be determined based on the the size of the home, the services requested and the frequency of inspections.   Discounted rates for more frequent inspections.  During the contractual time period, any additional special requests including but not limited to concierge service, billing will be based on $40.00 per hour including travel time.

Apartment and condo packages are also available.

Clients will be invoiced. Payments as agreed with the client or at month end.  VISA, MC, etransfer,  Paypal or cheque. Alarm Systems

The homeowner will provide the codes and specific instructions on the deactivation and activation of any and all alarm systems. Care and attention will be followed while disarming and reactivating the alarms. Winnipeg Home Check accepts no responsibility for the accidental triggering of the alarm system and any associated costs.

Maintenance and Repairs

In the event a problem is detected requiring immediate attention, the homeowner will be contacted by text, telephone or email for instructions on how to proceed.  If the homeowner cannot be reached, Winnipeg Home Check will arrange for maintenance and / or repair  from a professional contractor. Competitive contractor rates will be sourced and the contractor’s bill will be included with the invoice plus Winnipeg Home Check’s inspector dedicated time at $40.00 per hour.


You may cancel your contract at any time with ten days notice. Payment will be refunded for any services paid but not performed. Written notification of cancellation is requested.

Winnipeg Home Check may cancel the contract if contractual terms are not being  satisfied.

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