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Why do I need someone to check my home while I am away?

  • For security reasons, it is prudent to have someone checking your home while you are away.  You do not want your home and valuable contents exposed over time if there is a break in.
  • If there is a mechanical break, structural damage or leaking pipe it is important that the problem is identified early and rectified quickly
  • Your insurance company may not cover damage and repairs if your home has not been checked on a scheduled basis.

How often does my home need to be checked while I am away?

  • Each insurance company has their own policy requirements.  Check with your insurance provider. For piece of mind and compliance with insurance companies we recommend a twice weekly  home check program

What about privacy and security?

  • Your privacy is protected at all times. Trust and integrity are at the heart of our business.  Your keys and alarm codes will be uniquely coded and stored in a secure place.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • You may cancel the service at any time.  Any prepayments for homechecks that have not been performed, will be refunded. Customer satisfaction is the basis of our referral basis.

What if there is a serious mechanical / plumbing / security issue?

  • We will make every attempt to contact you by email and text message  and follow your instructions.  If the problem is deemed to be critical and time sensitive, and we cannot reach you, we will arrange for a contractor or trades person from our approved list, to  complete the necessary repair work. The repair invoice plus a reasonable service charge will be for the homeowner’s account.

How do we make payment?

  • Based on the agreed contract, payments are to be made in advance on a monthly or term basis. An electronic invoice will be sent and preferred payments are Interac transfer, PayPal, and major credit card.  Cheques are also acceptable.

Are your “Home Check” plans flexible?

  • All home check plans will be based on the individual homeowner’s needs.  Aside from the standard program, a customized plan will be developed according to your unique situation.  Prices start as low as $16.00.

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