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The Ultimate Home Checklist

Before heading out on vacation, consider this to be your ultimate home checklist. Thanks to Global News for the information which is summarized here: Contact your home insurance provider: Most insurance policies now have clauses that will void coverage if your property is unoccupied for any length of time. Since not all insuring companies are […]

You Likely Know Your Burgular

There is a good chance that the thief who entered your property while you were away is someone known to you.  That’s right, a recent survey in the United States indicated that 66% of residential break-ins were conducted by a neighbour, distant friend, relative or an acquaintance.   They know better than a stranger when you […]

Winnipeg Deep Freeze

Winnipeg is experiencing a major deep freeze. Already a number of cases of frozen pipes and flooded homes. If you are going to be away for any length of time, have someone check your home everyday. If you are not proactive protecting your home, your insurance may not cover your losses. Winnipeg Home Check. Happy […]

Don’t assume your home is insured while you are away (for any reason)

If an emergency arose, such as a longer term stay in a hospital, don’t automatically assume that your insurance coverage remains in place.  Empty homes are a greater risk for insurance companies and they should be informed of material changes  that compound the risk of a potential insurance claim.  The cbc investigated  a situation whereby […]