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Your car battery may be dead when you return

January 7, 2017 /

In the past you could generally count on a vehicle standing without starting for up to two months and the battery would fire up the vehicle on command. With today’s electronically advanced vehicles, there is a continuous drain of amps to maintain your thermometer, GPS, stop-start systems, keyless receiver, preset radio stations, Sirius and a host of other exotic options.  With your new electronically equipped car sitting idle for more than two weeks, the battery drains could completely suck the life out of your battery prior to your return.

If you are going to be away for an extended period of time and your vehicle will be resting in your garage, then you should consider a few options:

  • Disconnect the battery by removing one of the cables. The challenge with this option is that you will have to reset each and every electrical setting once you reconnect the battery.  Many of settings require unique passwords.
  • Place a trickle charger on the battery.  You will have to invest in the charging system plus have access to an electrical outlet. You may not feel totally comfortable having the unit plugged in for the time you are away since often you have taken the precaution to unplug most other electrical devices.
  • Have a friend, neighbour or home watch representative start your vehicle every week to recharge the battery.

Once the battery starts the vehicle, the alternator takes over and powers the electrical systems plus recharges the battery.  But if the vehicle is sitting idle for an extended period of time, the battery will slowly drain day by day and ultimately will not have enough juice to send the necessary voltage to the starter.

Luxury cars today are technological machines.  With ever increasing electrical devices being added, your car battery may be dead when you return.


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