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Vacation Plans or Going to the Cottage? Don’t Forget to Protect You’re Home While Your’re Away

After a long winter hibernation, many Winnipeggers are making plans to enjoy some cottage life or take a well earned relaxing vacation.  As part of your plans make sure you have thought of the home you are leaving behind before you venture off.  Here are a few quick suggestions to consider to provide some peace of mind.

  • Install a security system:  Empty homes are targets.  Perpetrators looks for the most common tell tale signs of a vacant home and most often gain access through a locked door or window.  One powerful kick will usually do it.   Security systems can send police to your home or send a blaring blast to alert neighbours  and scare off intruders. A typical security system will include sensors on all doors an windows as well as motion activated sensors.   With today’s technology you can monitor your home’s security through a smartphone or tablet and control cameras, lighting or sound an alarm.
  • Have a real person check out your home on a regular basis.  Often it is a trusted neighbour or relative  or a professional home watch person. Nothing beats a real sets of eyes and ears to make sure the mail and newspapers are brought inside and everything inside is in order.
  • Make sure the yard work continues:  an overgrown lawn or unkempt lawn is a dead giveaway that no one is home.  Arrange for a neighbour or lawn care company  to continue with regularly scheduled mowing.  Also rodents and insects may become a serious problem in your absence causing damage or uncomfortable living conditions when you return.  A person checking your home can identify and minimize this potential problem.
  • Unplug appliances and electrical items:  You don’t have to unplug the fridge, but any non essential unit should be unplugged to prevent fire hazards damages due to sudden power surges during lightening storms.   And of course there is a bit of an energy savings as well.

Vacation planning should include what you are leaving behind.  Some preparation concerning your home will ease your mind while you are away.


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