Sump pumps can freeze in a Winnipeg winter

If you are going away during a Winnipeg winter,  your sump pump may freeze and cause problems they are designed to prevent.   Make sure you have someone checking your sump pump while you are away.   It is important to keep your water flowing.  Water flow is obviously not as heavy during the winter and if  water is starting to ice up in the pit, adjusting the settings on the unit will help alleviate the problem. In Winnipeg where the land is flat, your discharge  should be on a slope sufficient so that gravity  keeps your water flowing.

Ari Marantz owner of Trained Eye Home Inspection Ltd has written some good articles in the Winnipeg Free Press.  I am posting two here related to sump pump management and how to prevent a potential major problem while you are away.…you…sump-pump/id-2127