Frozen Pipes – Expensive Disaster

The Winnipeg Free Press had an informative article on January 14, 2017.  The original source was the “Tribune News” and highlighted the nightmare scenario of frozen pipe disasters while away from your home.

Water damage is the number one cause of loss for insuring companies and the leading expense for home damage.  It can literally demolish the interior of your home.

If the heat suddenly goes off and over time the water in your pipes turns to ice and it expands based on the natural laws of physics. When the ice in the pipes has no where to continue to expand, it bursts out cracking even metal pipes. The problem is usually not discovered until the the water begins to flow again, once the pipes have thawed.

According to insurance companies, water damage losses accounted for more than a third of all property claims. And while insurance may cover the damage, the loss of memorable valuables will never be replaced and the inconvenience is often highly disruptive.