A Winnipeg Summer to Remember

What a summer!  Can you remember a summer so sweet and blessed with endless warm and sunny days and virtually no mosquitoes.   Festivals, patios, events and conditions perfect for summer activities.  And cottage owners couldn’t have asked for anything better.  For me it was a whirlwind of activities that included my son’s wedding, my mother’s memorial, a host of sibling gatherings and the purchase of a new home.  Yes, we’re moving to Charleswood.

I did have the opportunity to work with several cottage owners, watering their parched outdoor plants, checking their properties and keeping in touch to make sure there was noting amiss at home while they enjoyed the benefits of cottage life.

Many Winnipeggers are now making plans for their winter getaways,  Whether you are a long term snowbird or simply want a  reprieve from winter, I can make sure you have piece of mind while you’re away.